About these pages

Career pages are connected to the SuccessFactors instance so you can try some specific scenarios mentioned below as the positions. All the scenarios can work together so you can enjoy full scope integration between SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and your own designed career pages. To show you full possibilities we have integrated the online tests that can be used during recruitment process. Next option is to show

Current open positions

  • First position and simple application form
  • Integration with SuccessFactors
  • Integration with ZAO (referal platform)
  • Integration with Cut-e (online assessments)
  • Referal program payments to employees
  • During recruitment process you always search for new methods to find out the best suitable candidate for your company. As the life goes by you’re changing the way how to get the best candidate. Sometimes you select different recruiting solution and sometimes just other test provider or methodology. Now let’s look at the situation that you have selected test provider and choose different recruiting solution. For our case we will use SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and Cut-e testing. As the integration platform we will use Boomi.